Terms and Conditions

Morling Residential College (MRC) and Morling Village (MV) casual guests must agree to abide by the following terms and conditions for the duration of their stay:

  1. Casual guests and visitors must comply with all House Rules located in all guest rooms and guest units at Morling College.
  2. Casual guests will be provided with an access key to allow access to the building, lift/stairs and/or the allocated room/apartment. Misplacement of this card or key will result in a $10.00 replacement charge that will be billed separately.
  3. On arrival, casual guests are to sign in at the Who’s On Location (WOL) terminal next to the lift. This can be done using a QR code on your phone or the computer provided in MRC opposite the lift. This enables MRC to know who is in the building in case of an emergency and/or evacuation and also enables contact tracing for COVID-19 purposes.
  4. Casual guests are to read through the Welcome Information Booklet, taking special note of the COVID-19 and fire protocols.
  5. Fire precautions are to be followed as per the Welcome Information Booklet. Failure to abide by fire precautions may result in the fire alarm being triggered unnecessarily and a $2000 fee being issued to Morling College by the Fire Brigade. Where this occurs, the fee will be directed to the resident using the room at the time of the fire alarm. Following the precautions outlined and pressing the ‘stop fire alarm’ button within 60 seconds is the responsibility of the resident to prevent this from occurring.
  6. Morling College does not provide a daily cleaning service. Casual guests are responsible for leaving their rooms clean upon departure. This includes cleaning any used dishes, and emptying  garbage and recycling into the main bins provided on each level.
  7. MRC and Morling Village are student residential communities and therefore our guest rooms and units are not serviced. Casual guests are responsible for maintaining their rooms for the duration of their stay. This includes cleaning dishes, making beds, and disposing of garbage in the communal bins provided.
  8. Guest check in is between 12.00pm-5.00pm. Late check in is available upon request to MRC.
  9. Guest check out is strictly 10:00am. Depending on bookings, a late check out is available upon request to MRC.
  10. No toasters or candles are to be used in MRC rooms due to the risk of triggering the fire alarm system which is very sensitive. Toasters can be used in the communal kitchens at MRC or in Morling Village.
  11. Morling College is a smoke, drug & alcohol free zone. The consumption of these things is not permittable at Morling College, nor in any rooms at MRC or in Morling Village.
  12. Guests and visitors are not to create noise which is offensive to fellow occupants, especially between the hours of 10:00PM to 08:00AM and during the time of arrival/departure.
  13. Please refer to the cancellation policy on this website for details of conditions related to cancellation of bookings.
  14. All bookings require payment in advance. Booking confirmation will only be given upon successful payment of the accommodation charges.
  15. Casual guests are responsible for their own property and security in ensuring their door is locked. Any damages that may occur are not the responsibility of MRC or Morling College. 24/7 CCTV is in use.
  16. Storage within MRC for casual guests will not be provided beyond the storage available in the room/apartment.
  17. Onsite parking is free but not always guaranteed and comes as a ‘first-in-best-dressed’ scenario. Street side parking is available in the surrounding suburb where none is available on campus.
  18. The Duty Manager number is available all hours in the case of an emergency such as a crucial maintenance issues, building/room access issues, noise complaints, or observed breaking of the house rules. This number will be supplied to residents upon checking into the building.
  19. Any damages will incur charges billed to you upon departure. Should an issue be present in the room/apartment upon arrival, it is the responsibility of the casual guest to advise staff to ensure damages are not charged in an undue manner.
  20. Guests who choose to make an early departure are still liable for the original booking charges.
  21. MRC and Morling Village provides accommodation for single residents only. Where requests for alternate arrangements are desired, please contact staff directly by emailing accommodation@morling.edu.au
  22. Guests with special needs who may require additional assistance in the case of an emergency or evacuation (e.g. mobility needs, disabilities that may require additional facilities or assistance) are required to make their needs known to staff prior to their arrival. Where a person cannot walk down stairs in the case of an evacuation, a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan form needs to be completed.
  23. Any children on-site must be appropriately supervised by their parent and/or guardian for the duration of their stay on the Morling College campus. Morling Residential Staff assume no responsibility for the supervision and care of children whilst they remain on Morling College grounds.
  24. For those with coupon discounts, only one coupon can be used per booking

COVID-19 Special terms and conditions

In order to be operational, MRC/Morling Village is required to abide by a COVIDsafe plan. This plan requires the cooperation of all staff, residents, visitors, guests, and contractors to the building. By staying in MRC, you agree to abide by the following COVIDsafe requirements:

  1. Casual guests are to immediately notify a staff member if they become unwell with cold or flue like symptoms during their stay at MRC. You will be asked to remain in your room and await further instruction from a staff member. Casual guests will be given the number upon arrival to Morling Residential College.
  2. To abide by the current government requirements related to COVID19 that are relevant at the time of your stay (physical distancing, mask wearing, hand hygiene etc).
  3. To, as far as possible, stay on level 6 or 7 which are the levels used for our casual guests. If you have been allocated a room on a different floor, then you are able to access the lounge areas on leave 6 or 7.
  4. To cancel your booking if you are showing cold or flu like symptoms and have not yet received a negative COVID test.
  5. To refrain from staying in MRC or Morling Village if you are a close contact of a COVID-19 case and have not yet served the recommended 14 day isolation period.
  6. To avoid coming to MRC or Morling Village if you have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting the test results.
  7. To refrain from staying at MRC or Morling Village if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  8. To refrain from staying at MRC or Morling Village if in the previous 14 days you have travelled from/through a COVID-19 hotspot area.
  9. To refrain from staying in MRC if you have returned from interstate or international travel and have not completed any quarantine period mandated by the government.
  10. Casual guests who experience COVID-19 symptoms during their stay are asked to get tested and isolate and/or leave immediately.

Thank you for your co-operation with these requirements as we attempt to ensure that our staff, residents, casual guests, visitors, and contractors all remain safe during their stay on campus.

Failure to adhere to any of the above items may result in the casual booking being cancelled without refund of accommodation charges.